Since March 13th we have assembled 578 Art Kits To-Go for our community in lieu of after school programming! 578 bags of supplies and now we are running low on almost everything. We are asking for donations should you have anything lying around! Here are some ideas: paper, art magazines, pens, pencils, marker, small watercolor paint palettes, tissue paper, clothes pins, wrapping paper, paint swatches, stickers, yarn, string, confetti, shells, chalk, pipe cleaners, blank cards with envelopes, pom-poms, beads, popsicle sticks, fake flowers, rhinestones or any other material you deem creative. We ask that any materials donated be relatively clean and easy to use immediately. Any donations can be dropped on the back porch or the Art Base. We appreciate you all and hope to continue the spread of #socialdistancingart Kits To-Go and nothing else ???? We couldn’t do it without you!