The Art Base is proud to present the works of Colorado-based artists Elizabeth Morisette and Cassandra Chalfant. For their joint exhibition, both artists explore the collective experience of seeking comfort in the domestic while expounding upon a deeper understanding of the innate human need for self protection.

Cassandra Chalfant is an artist living and working in Denver, CO, She received her BFA in Painting & Drawing and a minor in Political Science in 2016 from Tyler School of Art, Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Her work has been exhibited across the country, including in Colorado, Indiana, Louisiana, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. She was featured in Space on Space Magazine, issue 3, and New American Paintings, issue 162.

Through the intimate act of reproducing her own domestic environment in the form of painting from photographs, Chalfant points to our shared feeling of nostalgia through the process of collection. She depicts the space between comfort and unease, both of which we often feel as we recall a memory. She posits the viewer as a passenger in a narrative, the determiner of how they have arrived. Memory, possibility, and inevitability are blurred, and we are left to determine at what point in this journey we are standing.

Elizabeth Morisette is a graduate of NCSU College of Design and received an MFA from Maryland Institute of College of Art. She has been exhibiting her weavings and sculptures for 25 years. In the Fall of 2020 she was featured in Hyperallergic for her work in the University of Denver’s ‘Mask’ exhibit. She has also been featured in American Craft Magazine, The Denver Post, and the New York Times. Currently, she is teaching Fibers at Colorado State University.

While Morisette’s sculptural works occupy a shared physical space with our own bodies, her richly colorful textiles are deeply imbued with the history of the craft movements that have finally become more broadly recognized within the lexicon of art history. Evoking the soft but durable qualities of the chrysalis, the artist responds to the trauma of recovering in a self-formed space of protection.

Says Morisette, “I have always worked with materials that have a certain sentimentality and meaning to me. By creating pieces that envelope items, protecting them from outside forces, I am mentally protecting and healing those I care for the most.”

The Art Base would like to thank Andrea Gurule of State Farm Insurance for generously sponsoring this exhibition.


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