Testimonials: The Transformative Power of the Arts!

“The exhibit I had at the Art Base was truly life changing as an artist, and I will forever be grateful to you all!”

Jill Sabella

“It was such a gift to show with the Art Base in 2017. The space was divine, the staff engaging and helpful, and the opening turnout was stupendous. We need to cherish those spaces that help all kinds of artists—emerging to established—to showcase their work, while nurturing community art education for all ages. The creative process is an isolated one, but the the Art Base helps maintain a conduit between the artist and the community by providing space and public education. It is easy to support this mid valley gem.”

Isa Catto

“The Art Base is a remarkable venue providing local artists like myself an opportunity to exhibit within the local community. Having a woman show and talk pushed me to share my thoughts, inspiration, and process which in itself was a great experience, but additionally it connected me to other artists and a world of creativity in our Valley.”

Katha Rossein

“My exhibition at the Art Base in 2017 was an extraordinary stimulus to my art making. The exposure I received and the many new people that were exposed to my work were way beyond my expectations. I am grateful for the opportunity to have shown at the Art Base.”

Burnie Arndt

“I could not have had a better experience for my first solo show than at the Art Base. The entire team went out of their way to make sure the show was a success—from the marketing to the installation to the opening and beyond.
Every detail was thoughtfully organized—an artist’s dream come true!”

Shelley Campbell Bogaert

“As a junior in high school, I’m struggling to figure out what I want to do for college and what career I want to pursue. When first finding out about the Claudette Carter ARTmentors Program, I was hesitant to apply because of my busy schedule, and I was nervous about the idea of creating a body of work for an exhibition. However, I also knew that the opportunity to work along a well-known artist, and learn more about the world of art as a career would open my eyes to new ideas and paths for my future. Working with my mentor, Nancy Lovendahl was an amazing experience in which I learned all that goes into being a full time artist. She taught me how to more authentically express myself by reminding me to be more openly creative rather than “perfect”. Having my own exhibition was both nerve racking and exiting. It was scary to put myself and my beliefs up for display for many to see, but it was amazing to see so many people come and admire the work. The Art Base was an amazing space to have my first exhibition and I couldn’t be more thankful for everyone who helped with the show. This experience has most definitely made me want to continue looking into art as a career path, and has given me so many new opportunities.”

Jaden Costello, The Claudette Carter ARTmentors Program

“My experience in The Claudette Carter ARTmenotrs program was one I will remember for the rest of my life. Not only was I given the opportunity to learn from a working artist in the valley but I was able to learn about myself and what kind of artist I am. Through this program I learned how to put on a show, from start to finish. My art mentor Nicole Nagel-Gogolak taught me everything from concept design, to art cohesion, to pricing and naming. I also learned how to curate a show. This will help me in my future because I want to pursue a design career and to already have a show under my belt will really help. I believe that this program would help any aspiring artist who believe this is something want to do. This experience is one in a lifetime and I hope it continues for many years to come.”

Ashlyn Dunn, The Claudette Carter ARTmentors Program

“The Claudette Carter Mentorship Program has ben an exceptional experience for me.  In today’s world, where most information can be obtained in a matter of seconds, there is still knowledge that can only be gained through experience. I feel so lucky to have had Summers Moore as my mentor.  Her generosity, enthusiasm and willingness to share her own experiences have helped to shape me as an artist.  She introduced me to art, photography, film, sculpture and ideas that I had never seen or considered before.  She always encouraged me to widen my perspective and push myself as an artist. This program taught me how to be confident in the process of developing my ideas, creating my artwork and sharing it with the community.”

Anika Chapman, The Claudette Carter ARTmentors Program